Businesses, including retailers, shopping centres and offices, will need to implement more permanent social distancing measures to protect the public and employees as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, according to demarcation and anti-skating specialist Studmarc.

Based on current government advice and health experts’ opinions, the effects of the virus are likely to impact on the need for forms of social distancing for some time to come, even if it’s seasonal, such as influenza epidemics.

Temporary measures will need to be more permanent

“We’re being told, and perhaps educated, that the need for social distancing will be required for the medium-term at least,” said Robert Hawgood, Managing Director of Studmarc.

“At the moment most businesses have implemented temporary measures, such as cordoning off areas with tape or guiding workers and customers with floor stickers and signs externally and internally.

“But it would be more effective to start considering permanent solutions that can be integrated into the architecture of buildings and external areas, such as those in public realms, private office developments or educational establishments.”

Products such as demarcation studs, tactile warning and anti-skating studs act as good measures for guiding people as well as protecting the local urban environment and buildings from skaters and anti-social behaviour.

They are also invaluable for visually impaired people who can feel their way with the raised studs in the floor of indoor or outdoor demarcation zones, which may otherwise seem like a maze of barriers to them.

The government and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have stipulated people should maintain a two-metre distance during the current pandemic unless with members of their own household.

With more shops and businesses expected to be allowed to open as government restrictions are eased in the coming months, there will be a need for clear methods of communicating and guiding people in public and private areas to adhere to these measures.

From socially distanced queues to one-way system demarcation

“We already have queues forming outside shops in the high streets as well as in shopping centres to ensure staggered entry provides enough space for safe social distancing,” said Mr Hawgood. “Additionally, as more offices and work environments open up, it will be just as important to ensure social distancing.

“By installing permanent studs into the floor or on street furniture, designated areas can be created along with social distancing measures. These products are clear and much more integrated aesthetically into the local architecture, streetscape or workplace environment.”

Not only do they act as a guidance and control measures, but such solutions will also help protect the urban architecture and buildings. Anti-skating studs along with tactile warning strips and studs prevent misuse by skaters and others.

Studmarc has also launched a range of other social distancing products that can be used in temporary environments. These include retractable belt posts, A-boards, crowd barriers, extendable barriers, line paint markers and others.

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