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Stairway to Safety: The Benefits of Installing Stair Nose Strips

Stair nosing and safety

Stair nose strips are a useful addition to any staircase, as they provide much-needed safety and accessibility benefits. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to improve your family’s safety or a business owner concerned about your customers’ well-being, stair nosing strips are an easy and effective way to prevent accidents and protect your staircase.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of installing stair nose strips and how they can improve the lives of those who use them, whether that be in public spaces, at work or home.

What are Stair Nose Strips?

Stair nosings, also known as step edgings, play an important role in preventing slipping and tripping.

Specifically designed to reinforce the edges of your stairs, stair nose strips add protection where the tread meets the riser. As you would expect, stair nosing is typically made from durable materials such as aluminium or PVC, and features anti-slip inserts or a contoured surface. The focus on anti-slip surfaces provides additional grip, which is especially important in busy high-traffic areas.

Available in standard and custom lengths, stair nosing strips can be retrofitted to an existing staircase, making them a practical and affordable solution for improving safety on both interior and exterior staircases.

Benefits of Stair Nose Strips


Stair nosing mitigates risk for homeowners, business owners and local councils alike.

Firstly, stair nose strips prevent tripping, as it draws attention to the edge of the stair making it easier to see and avoid in low visibility conditions. By using inserts or corrugated profiles, stair nose strips offer enhanced slip resistance, minimising accidents. Stair nose strips can be used on most staircases, irrespective of whether it’s indoor or outdoor, providing additional grip in any weather condition.

What makes stair nose strips even more effective is contrasting colours. Stair nose strips are available in a variety of different colours to draw extra attention to the edge of the stair treads, which prevents accidents, particularly when low visibility is an issue. An obvious example that most of us can relate to – is the luminous yellow trims commonly seen on train station staircases.


Installing stair nose strips can make a difference in the accessibility of stairs in public spaces. Contrasting or reflective colours used on stair nose strips highlight the stair edgings and make it easier for partially sighted individuals to navigate the stairs safely and confidently.

For those with mobility challenges, stairs can also be a daunting obstacle. But with the aid of stair nose strips, stairs are less intimidating and give individuals the freedom to move independently.

Investing in stair nose strips improves inclusivity for those with disabilities, welcoming them into public and private spaces.


Durability is paramount when it comes to safeguarding stairs from the impact of wear and tear. Stair nose strips are resilient, offering an ideal solution for this problem. Fitting them onto the edges of stairs which are susceptible to scuffs and damage due to frequent foot traffic, provide robust and long-lasting protection.

With their replaceable design, stair nose strips ensure that stairs remain pristine for years and are also economical. By replacing the strips, rather than the entire stair tread, you can save significant amounts of time and money over the long term.

Stair nose strips come in a range of materials such as aluminium, rubber, and vinyl, each possessing distinct attributes. Whether you require superior shock absorption, slip resistance, or resilience to extreme temperatures, you can choose the material that best suits your needs.

Choosing to install stair nose strips is a sensible choice for any proprietor or homeowner who wishes to protect and maintain their property.


The installation of stair nosing strips doesn’t only have practical applications; it also serves as an aesthetic upgrade. With a wide selection of colours and materials available, you have the freedom to choose strips that complement and enhance your interior design. This is particularly vital in spaces where safety, durability, and design all hold equal importance, such as high-end hotels, upscale restaurants, and trendy shops.

Stair nosing strips can add style to your staircase, making it a standout feature. The various material options, such as hardwood, stainless steel, or brass, provide a sleek and sophisticated appearance that is sure to impress your visitors.

In contrast, stair nosing strips can also seamlessly blend in with your existing flooring, ensuring that they do not clash with the overall aesthetic. The result is a beautiful and cohesive design that enhances both the appearance and functionality of your staircase.


In certain situations, local building regulations may mandate the use of stair nosing strips.

However, if regulations are not mandatory, the installation of these strips can avert accidents and shield property owners from expensive legal action. Without stair nosing strips, the edges of stair treads can pose a potential hazard, leaving you vulnerable to liability claims resulting from accidents or injuries.

Incorporating stair nosing strips into your building design demonstrates a commitment to safety and compliance, which can enhance your reputation and customer trust. By taking proactive measures to ensure that your property is safe and compliant shows customers and employees that their safety is a top priority.


Stair nosing strips provide value, offering advantages that extend beyond safety. They provide better accessibility for those with limited mobility, durability for high-traffic areas, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance to enhance your space.

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, installing stair nosing strips is a pragmatic and cost-effective method to enhance the safety of your staircases. It can also lead to long-term cost savings and environmental benefits.

In conclusion, the installation of stair nosing strips delivers great value, making it a wise investment.

If you’re not sure which strips are best for your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for advice. Speak to the team today by calling 01686 807 450 or email [email protected].