Making town centres a safer place to shop in post-Covid-19 Britain

Studmarc social distancing studs

The majority of shoppers will only return to town centres after the Covid-19 lockdown if they feel they are safe and there is social distancing in place, such as demarcation.

But one thing is clear, social distancing and clear demarcation are critical factors in attracting people back to buy goods and spend their money in UK town centres.

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Britains Attitudes to Skate Studs


Conducted by Land-Mark, this survey has been built to analyse the nation’s opinions on defensive architecture, particularly around skate
studs and skateboarding.The areas covered include whether people think that skate studs help deter skateboarders or if they are seen as
a challenge. The survey also looked at whether people think that defensive architecture is a good thing, or an eye sore.

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