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Which epoxy resin should I use to install tactile studs and strips?

When it comes to resin there are countless varieties, from large companies like Loctite and Gorilla to smaller less well-known brands. With so many different types it can be hard to decide on the right epoxy resin for the job.

Call us biased, but with our tactile studs and strips, we recommend Studmarc SuperBond Epoxy Acrylate Anchor Resin. This is simply because we know it works. Having extensively tested multiple compositions and types of epoxy resin we chose the one that works best for our products, that’s not to say that there aren’t suitable alternatives.

Our epoxy resin comes with a self-mixing applicator nozzle for applying the resin and can be slid into an applicator gun for simple and easy use. It provides a long-lasting firm hold that’s very hard to beat.