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How to specify NBS listed products using the Studmarc website

Studmarc is now specifiable on the NBS

As of January 2024, many of our products are available for specification via the NBS website. We’ve now added NBS ‘add to spec’ buttons to each specifiable product on the Studmarc website. The bold purple button can be found below the price of each applicable product.

Add to Spec example

How do I find NBS specifiable products?

NBS-specifiable products are now easily searchable on the Studmarc website by simply filtering for NBS products on the left-hand side of the products page and within each product category. If there’s a product you’d like to specify but is currently unavailable on the NBS, please let us know.

NBS Filter Example

How do the NBS ‘add to spec’ buttons work?

When clicked the product data will be copied to the clipboard for use in NBS Chorus. From there the individual variant can be selected within NBS Chorus and the product BIM file can be utilised with any designs.

To see the current products that can be specified on the NBS click here.