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Additional Services

We offer a full suite of services to provide the complete solution to any project. Whether that’s a bespoke design of stud, some added colour or engraving, or even the installation of the studs themselves, we’ve got you covered. 

If you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for then please get in contact and we’ll endeavour to help you in any way we can.

Anti Skate Installation

Full installation service available

Our installation service gives you peace of mind that the installation is being undertaken by a professional team from start to finish. Our highly trained and skilled teams carry out smooth and efficient installations for all our clients, from large projects to small ones.

Engraved Cycle Stud

Engraving/Infill and Laser Etching

We can engrave or laser etch symbols, numbers, and letters onto the surface of studs to give you a custom finish. Whether you’re looking to highlight a walking route, cycle path, or add your own logo, engraving is a fantastic option for a hardwearing bespoke design, with laser etching as a more cost-effective alternative.

Footpath Sticker Stud

Printed Imagery

If you want to add a splash of colour to your studs, then printing is for you. The flexibility of printing means that any symbols/lettering/images can be printed in a wide variety of colours and applied to the surface of the stud. This is an ideal solution if you’re looking to subtly guide foot traffic or lay out a route for pedestrians.

Printed Acrylic Stud

Printed Acrylic

New to our services is the option of printed acrylic. The design is inset within the stud with an acrylic disc covering the print and filling out the top of the stud, giving the imagery a unique look. A similar option to the standard print, but with a durable and unique twist.

Anodised Red Studs

Aluminium Anodised Studs

Available across our selection of anti-skate and road studs is the option to anodise them. Studs can be anodised in any RAL colour to suit the aesthetics of the streetscape, with an added layer of protection from corrosion, weathering, and wear.

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