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Do I need to approve or sign off on my order?

For any products purchased through email inquiry or that are of a bespoke design, we’ll submit drawings to you for approval to ensure the product meets your specification.

This is required as when we receive an inquiry via email, it may be that the product hasn’t been visually inspected, and we want to ensure that any product being purchased meets your expectations and requirements.

This also applies to Bespoke products as they are completely unique, again we want to be certain that the product is as you envisioned.

Types of bespoke products include:

  • Laser/machine-etched and engraved Studs
  • Studs and strips with custom dimensions
  • Printed studs
  • Anodised studs
  • Studs or strips with a specific fitment e.g., screw-holes or pins in places other than the default design

Any changes to an updated product specification will also require your approval. Drawings will be resubmitted for sign-off before manufacturing commences or before products are dispatched.

Approval or sign-off is not needed if the product is purchased on the website or specified to us via email containing a link to the product on the website or a genuine Studmarc drawing.

For standard stocked items, samples are available to purchase for both web and email inquiries.