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Can tactile studs be installed on a loose gravel or stone driveway?

It’s not recommended that tactile studs are installed on surfaces with a loose substrate such as gravel or stone driveways. This is because the underlying concrete is normally not thick enough for a sufficiently stable installation. Without thick concrete underneath the tactile studs are liable to come loose and need reinstallation.

The other issue that may arise is, due to the nature of the loose substrate, it can be difficult to have a clean dust-free surface to drill and resin the studs into. This also leads to an insecure installation and can cause the studs to come loose.

Shingle surfaces also present an issue, as when vehicles travel over the shingles they can move around and shift. This shifting can expose the installed stud and may cause them to snap.

We recommend that installation take place on a stable surface with concrete thick enough to amply house the stud fixing with at least 10-15mm extra foundation and provide a solid surface for the resin to bond to.