Stainless Steel Stud (316L) with Textured TPU Insert

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Stainless steel stud (316L) with a textured TPU insert available in nine colours and three fitment options (“with pin” products come with a welded pin).

These stainless steel studs with textured TPU inserts are a great way of providing tactile feedback to pedestrians while adding a splash of colour to the surrounding area. The TPU inserts combined with the stainless steel stud make for a hard wearing tactile device that can weather the most extreme scenarios with ease.

Stainless steel stud with TPU insert features:

  • UV Resistant
  • Welded pin
  • Modular and universal
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Impact resistant and high durability
  • Tactile inserts
Please allow for a two to three week lead time.